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Get started with BootAMP, the only framework for Bootstrap to AMP HTML conversion. BootAMP framework is similar to Bootstrap, but it offers support for AMP HTML.

Quick start

Looking to quickly add BootAMP to your project? You have multiple options:

  1. Compare: Bootstrap Vs BootAMP

    Compare the features and components supported in BootAMP.

  2. Bootstrap to BootAMP migration guide

    Bootstrap to BootAMP migration references with markup comparison.

  3. BootAMP starterkit / boilerplate / AMP HTML Themes

    BootAMP boilerplate comes with 3 awesome AMP HTML themes:

    1. AMP HTML Agency Theme 1
    2. AMP HTML Agency Theme 1
    3. AMP HTML Agency Theme 3
  4. Build a new theme using BootAMP CSS variables

    BootAMP is powered by new CSS variables. It is enough to modify CSS variables for supporting modern web browsers. To support more browsers, you'll need to build it. Build instructions are available in the GitHub repo.